Acoustic Guitar Lessons Lewisville, TX

It doesn’t have to be be frustrating looking for acoustic guitar lessons in Lewisville, TX!

There are lots of people in Lewisville, TX and it’s surrounding communities that play guitar…and some of those people teach guitar.

Acoustic guitars are terrific entertaiment for yourself and your audience. They don’t requir any power other than your arms, hands, and fingers. If you have a guitar, you can turn silence into music!

Although there are many places in Lewisville, TX to get guitar lessons, Evolution Guitar is considered the best place for many reasons.

Here are just a few:

  • Michael Harris is a professional musician with over 30 years of guitar playing and instruction.
  • Michael is an expert in many guitar styles…which will help you be a better player.
  • Michael has played in bands for many years honing his guitar craft to perfection.
  • Michael offers both in-person and virtual lessons over the internet.
  • All music materials are provided free of charge.

Here are some consideritions if you are in Lewisville, TX looking for a guitar instructor:

  • How long has your instructor been playing guitar?
  • What styles is your instructor competent in (acoustic, rock, blues, etc.)?
  • What experience level does your guitar instructor like to teach?
  • Do you want someone close to your home, or further away?
  • Do you want to take lessons at a “music store” or at an instructor’s home?
  • Can your guitar instructor read music, or can they only read chords or tablature?
  • Can your guitar instructor compose music, or do they just play music?
  • Do you want one guitar instructor for most of your learning, or do you want an instructor who has enough experience to teach you for many years in the future?
  • Is your music instructor background checked?

If you would like guitar lessons with Michael H., get more information HERE.